All Secret Weapons in Solar Smash 2022 - How to Get Guide

All Secret Weapons in Solar Smash 2022 – How to Get Guide

Solar Smash is an addictive game with no tutorial. The goal of the game is to destroy as many planets and solar systems as possible with the help of special effective weapons. But for destruction to be interesting and powerful, it is necessary to understand the weapons used, since there is a certain order in how to use chaos.

How to Use Weapons in Solar Smash

The game features different types of weapons to destroy planets. Some of the weapons exist in the real world, and some are fictional, as if from a futuristic fantasy film. A small twist has already been added to the weapon itself, thanks to which the player can feel you are a vengeful god of destruction and use it as you wish. Each weapon has its scale of destruction. To successfully hit the target, it is necessary to figure out in advance what a certain type of weapon is.

Any planet can be hit with one blow using some weapons. If the player wants to delay the gameplay to enjoy the gameplay, then it is recommended to choose the one whose damage power will be weaker.

If you’re using weapons like meteor showers, missiles, or alien invasions, just be sure to hit the populated areas on the planet. For example, if you land on Earth, you can use this piece of geography from high school to navigate to the most populous planets and countries. The larger the continents, the larger the population here, so try to destroy them when you try to destroy all life on the planet.

Make Sure You Hit the Mark

In this game, you have to destroy planets with various types of weapons. These include nuclear missiles, lasers, and asteroids. The sets were made at NASA’s Science Imaging Studio, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, and the Space Telescope Science Institute.

The latest version has 12 types of “weapons” and a population counter, but how accurate it is cannot be said. If you get tired of all living things, then they give you a choice of Mars, the Moon, or even a semblance of the Death Star and not only, plus there is a small editor.

Destroying a planet in as few moves as possible requires hitting the right spots, as that involves destroying the core of the planet. If you want to shorten the time it takes you to destroy the entire population, just get to the core and wait for the planet to self-destruct by pressing the fast-forward button. There are many weapons you can use to get into the core, but the most favorite one is the Celestial Creature, which you can use to punch a hole in the planet with one hit.

How to Get a Secret Weapon in Solar Smash?

Secret Space Weapon – Blackhole

In the beginning, the hole grows, after which it destroys everything within the doubled radius and disappears.

Secret Energy Weapon – Nuclear Missiles

Missiles are launched in any direction, even completely random – depending on the desire of the player. They can also be launched either singly or in bulk. Great for destroying large spaceships.

Secret Laser Weapon – Rapid Fire Lasers

Their essence lies in the fact that a large number of lasers are simultaneously launched. Such weapons are used for continuous shooting. In terms of its power, it is rather weak but quickly recharges.

Secret Alien Technical Weapon – UFO

Appears completely randomly, appears from behind the edge of the screen, and flies to the center of the place where the player clicked. After that, the “Flying Saucer” shoots a laser of green light at the surface of the specified place and is destroyed.

Secret Monstrous Weapon – Space Worm

Just like UFO, it appears randomly from behind the edge of the screen and, with writhing movements, penetrates the depths of the planet, moving chaotically and strongly, until it gnaws everything from the inside. Then it flies away.

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