Lightsaber in Solar Smash - How to Get and Use

Lightsaber in Solar Smash – How to Get and Use

Solar Smash is a planet destroyer simulator, where you operate various weapons on completely different planets. The set of weapons consists of lasers, asteroids, and nuclear missiles. You can even call on various cosmic beings and unidentified objects to help you smash the hell out of every planet on your way!

Lightsaber in Solar Smash

You start with a huge arsenal but the game gives you the opportunity to get more instruments. Today, in this guide we will check how to get and use Lightsaber!

What is exactly the Lightsaber and what does it allow you to do?

That’s a giant laser gun that looks too much like a handgrip. You can use it to burn through every planet, and its laser can easily cut through various items like a sword.

With it in your weapon arsenal, it will be even more fun to bring all in space around you to utter destruction. So don’t waste your time and unlock that monster!

How to Unlock Lightsaber in Solar Smash

To become an owner of Lightsaber you will need to use rockets. All you will need to do is to open the tab and fire 66 rockets in a single shot. Here you go, you have unlocked Lightsaber!

We sure hope that guide was useful to you! See you later!

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