War Thunder: How to Activate an Order?

War Thunder: How to Activate an Order?

When playing Tundra as a team, it is important to observe the intra-team hierarchy when the commander gives orders to his subordinates. Let’s see how to activate an order in War Thunder in order to send it to your teammates. This is useful for the implementation of a joint team game and is guaranteed to affect the result.

And the first recommendation concerns voice communication, which is always better to be continuous. Then make sure you have the latest patch 1.51, where Orders were added. Sometimes these orders drop out as trophies, allowing you to slightly transform and diversify the gameplay. Pay attention to the interface below and on the left, where there is a corresponding button.

How to Activate Orders in War Thunder? Guide to the Tundra

Press the button, after which get into the inventory. Select the order of interest and then activate it. You will receive a notification indicating that a new task has been added to your list.

The reward varies depending on the goal set for you. Silver is usually awarded, but there are also better rewards. Sometimes for the destruction of certain types of equipment, points are awarded to several fighters at once. This motivates continuous interaction with teammates.

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