The Quarry: Who Is Emma Mountebank?

The Quarry: Who Is Emma Mountebank?

Who is Emma in The Quarry – we talk about this in a new short guide. If you are interested, then read about Emma below.

Who is Emma in The Quarry?

Emma Mountebank is one of The Quarry’s playable characters and is one of the nine Hacketts Quarry camp counselors. She was voiced and played by Halston Sage. Emma can be called a documentarian – she shoots and comments on everything she sees using her phone for this. She also directs theatrical performances that are organized in the camp. Emma Mountebank is described as a confident girl as well as a talented actress. Her former love was Jacob and Abigail is her best friend.

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And that’s about all there is to say about who Emma is in The Quarry.

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