Fallout 4: Where to Buy a Dog

Fallout 4: Where to Buy a Dog

Where can you find a dog in Fallout 4If you are interested in this question, read about it below. We will tell you in detail where to buy a dog in the game.

Where to Buy a Dog in Fallout 4

As you progress through the story, at the location “Red Rocket Truck Stop”, you will meet Dogmeat. She can become your friend. Also in Fallout 4, you can accidentally meet a traveling vendor selling dogs. You will need to pass a luck and charisma check at the meeting, and also pay 250 caps. But the dog you buy will not be a companion. But on the other hand, she will be able to take a place in the specified settlement and add 10 happiness and 5 defense to the base. In DLC 2, it is possible to build a trap for dogs. In this case, they will automatically appear at the base.

And that’s all you need to know about where to buy a dog in Fallout 4.

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