shadow labyrinth guide in wow tbc

Guide On Shadow Labyrinth Dungeon In WoW TBC

In this guide on World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, we’ll take a look at one of Outland’s dungeons, the Shadow Labyrinth.

Dungeon Shadow Labyrinth is located in the third location of Outland — Terokkar Forest, the entrance to the dungeon is in the south of the map, in the Auchindoun zone, closer to the middle of the colosseum.

However, keep in mind that in order to calmly walk into the dungeons of Auchindoun, especially in heroic mode, you or one member of the group must have the Auchenai Key. You can find and purchase it from Nakodu, Quartermaster of the Lower City (Shattrath City).

The ShadowLabyrinth is a great option to quickly raise several levels in Outland, get rare and powerful equipment at levels 68-70, as well as complete tasks for which you will receive a lot of experience, gold, and good equipment of your choice.

This dungeon has a normal and heroic mode, if you go through it in heroic mode, you can get excellent equipment (epic), items for level 70, and raise your reputation with the Lower City faction.

Mobs In The Shadow Labyrinth Dungeon In WoW TBC

In the Shadow Labyrinth dungeon, most of the enemies will be various humanoids, skeletons, and demons. They deal strong damage both in melee and ranged combat. Many creatures will have powerful striking abilities. They can use the control on your group. Therefore, in a timely manner, knock down the cast to all mobs that use or are preparing to use magic or ability.

Here is a list of some of the good items you can get from the Shadow Labyrinth instance: Blessed Pauldrons, Wayfaring Shoulderguards, Adamantine Figurine, and so on.

Dungeon Bosses In Show Labyrinth WoW TBC

Ambassador Hellmaw

Ambassador Hellmaw wow tbc

Ambassador Hellmaw is a level 72 elite demon that has 3 abilities: Banish, Corrosive Acid, and Fear.

Tactics for the boss Ambassador Hellmaw

This is a simple boss that will deal good damage to your tank and occasionally use magical abilities on the entire group like Banish and Fear. All melee-dd during the battle must stand behind the boss and deal damage. Otherwise, you will receive additional damage from Corrosive acid, a significant problem that you may encounter here is the ability Fear. We recommend that you clear the entire room with creatures so as not to spill an extra pack of mobs.

Equipment and items dropped from Ambassador Hellmaw

  • Platinum Shield of Valorous.
  • Jaedenfire Gloves of Annihilation.
  • Idol of the Emerald Queen.
  • Soul Rod of the Aldor.
  • Etc.

Blackheart the Inciter

Blackheart the Inciter wow tbc

Blackheart the Inciter is an elite level 72 humanoid who has 2 abilities at his disposal — Incite Chaos and War Stomp.

Tactics for the boss Blackheart the Inciter

This is a difficult boss that will deal a lot of damage to your tank and occasionally use magical abilities on the whole group. This boss will constantly knock back nearby players with the ability Incite Chaos. There is also a unique mechanic when Blackheart starts to laugh, all the players in your group will lose control of their characters and start using and performing random actions. Be prepared for this, otherwise, try to keep your distance from the boss.

Equipment and items dropped from Blackheart the Inciter:

  • Cloak of the Inciter.
  • Adamantine figurine.
  • Netherwing Wand.
  • Brooch of Height.
  • Etc.

Grandmaster Vorpil

Grandmaster Vorpil wow tbc

Grandmaster Vorpil is an elite level 72 humanoid who has 4 abilities at his disposal: Banish, Draw Shadows, Rain of Fire, and Shadow Bolt Volley.

Boss Tactics Grandmaster Vorpil

This is a medium boss that will deal medium damage to your tank and occasionally use magical abilities on the whole group. During Fire Rain, all melee-dd must move away from the boss in order not to receive additional damage. A considerable problem that you can face here is Shadow Bolt Volley. You have to destroy the shadows that move towards the boss. If you don’t, they will explode and deal colossal numbers of damage to the group.


murmur wow tbc

Murmur is a level 72 elite elemental that has 4 abilities at its disposal — Thundering Storm, Sonic Boom, Murmur’s Touch, and Resonance.

Tactics for the Murmur Boss:

This is a powerful boss that will inflict colossal damage on your tank and occasionally use magical abilities on the whole group, for example — Thundering Storm. During the Sonic Boom, all melee-dd must run away from the boss as far as possible so as not to get huge incoming damage, otherwise, this boss deals huge damage to the tank.

This is all you have to know about Shadow Labyrinth dungeon in Wow TBC. Other guides on tbc can be found in our special section about this game.

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