Best Strategy and Cookies For 12-30 (Greenish Red Dragon) in Cookie Run Kingdom

Best Strategy and Cookies For 12-30 (Greenish Red Dragon) in Cookie Run Kingdom

Many players faced some difficulties at the stages 12-30 of Cookie Run Kingdom and need some help to beat it. A boss battle awaits you, which got a lot of players to stress and struggle and made it so difficult to continue. Despite the difficulty, you can easily clear it. So this guide aims to tell you the best way to beat Stage 12-30 in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

How to Beat Stage 12-30 (Greenish Red Dragon) in Cookie Run Kingdom

At the end of the 12th episode of Hollyberry Palace, you will come across a quite strong boss. Its name is Greenish Red Dragon and its Power Level is 383,948.

To beat the Cokie Run Kingdom stage 12-30, you will need a team that can do single high damage and brings down the Legendary Greenish Red Dragon boss.

As for treasures use Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Pilgrim’s Slingshot.

Here is how you should construct your team:

Put Cotton Cookie as a healer and summoner.

A mix of Solid Almond, Searing Raspberry, and Swift Chocolate is ideal for toppings for this character.

Dark Choco Cookie is a perfect tank as his skill lowers the opponent’s defense. He can decrease the boss’s defenses. Put him on the front line and outfit him with five Solid Almond toppings. It is crucial to keep him alive for him to tank.

Vampire Cookie causes great damage in 1v1 fights, so for Greenish Red Dragon, he would be the perfect DPS.

Sorbet Shark Cokie is great as a Sub-DPS and it is advisable to use toppings to reduce the cooldown.

Once having Sorbet Shark Cookie and Vampire Cookie as DPS, outfit each of them with five Searing Raspberry. This will maximize their damage output.

Pumpkin Pie Cookie is needed as the third DPS role, but you can replace it with another strong cookie, like Rye, or Eclair Cookie. Use it with five Swift Chocolate for further debuffs.

One more thing before we go off: if you play in Dark Mode and not in the Story Mode, you would want to replace one of the DPS cookies with Pure Vanilla Cookie with a mix of Solid Almond and Swift Chocolate. That’s because the dragon has much more health than you do and you will need some extra healing.

From now on the things are pretty simple. First, use Dark Choco Cookie as a tank, lowering defense with the help of his skill. Only then you can seek cooperation with other cookies and use their skills as well.

Cotton Cookie will be useful in restoring the health of the team and applying damage to the boss simultaneously!

An important part here will be to change the auto-battle mode to Manual mode, which allows using the skills optimally.

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